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PC & MAC Repair

We only use the very best of technologies available and in most cases repair almost any computer via remote without you or your computer ever leaving your home.

Check for Viruses

Free Scan! Check your computer for viruses and if it finds anything give us a call immediately.

Support Plan

Smart Guard gives you peace of mind. Our technicians are available areound the clock 365 days a year.

Video Presentation

If “a picture speaks a thousand words” just imagine the vital effect of so many moving pictures!

Website Design

Our team of designers focuses on giving your business distinct and recognizable identity.  We brand your business to stand out amongst the rest! Give Us A Call.

Find Drivers

Find the latest updates, drivers, instruction manuals and more from your products manufacturer.

Anthony C.

GREAT SUPPORT!                                        I call Pete the Computer Geek because my pc was full of viruses so I call and they did a remote connection to my pc and fix it and install an anti virus program. They did a wonderful job. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to all.

David Fontinelli

VERY HELPFUL AND KNOWLEDGEABlE  Mike was very helpful and I will continue to use  your services


FAST AND EFFICIENT                             Took my laptop to the geek because I didn't want to deal with driving all the way to best buy and because the geek was local and the weather was crappy I didn't think they would have it up and going so fast. unbelievable ! i had some virus bugs and it was running slow but i had a blank screen and was sure i needed to buy a new computer...and during xmas i just could not afford a new one...but it was viruses and spyware and i got it back the same day...merry christmas pete, thanks for saving me money and time