Plenty of people, even in today’s world of computer gadgets, are still mystified by everyday computer problems. Most think you still need a computer guru to help fix these issues but you dont. These three issues will help most people solve nearly all common computer issues.


  1. Google – Seriously, whatever your problem, nearly always someone has already experienced the same thing. So google your problem, error message, whatever it might be and chances are someone has already solved it for you. Dont reinvent the wheel.
  2. Reboot – Seems silly but usually this solves most software and operating system issues.
  3. Reinstall – After a while, Windows tends to get jammed up with old software and that tends to cause quirks the longer you go between reinstalls. If your looking to put your computer back into the state you got it when your first bought it, this is the best way. Keep in mind this process usually will result in wiping whatever is currently on your PC, so make sure you have backups!